Vortex Healings

"Marystella & Jan have the ability to stand between the worlds and powerfully facilitate much needed healing of the Land, the Individual and the Collective."
- Melissa Patterson, ND, Director of Consciousness Healing & Ecology, New College

"Marystella and Jan are midwives of the Soul."
- Erin Stuart-Jennings, RN, Photographer

"Profoundly Healing - Beyond Therapy - Exhilarating."

- Nicki Phelps, CA State Park Publicist


"I come to Marystella & Jan regularly because they are the Teachers of the Teachers."
- Tony Smith, PhD, Director, Odyssey Institute

"A deep inner exploration punctuated with laughter and tears of joy."
- Journey Harasin, Sound Healing Practitioner

"I could feel my physical body shifting to align with my true essence as Marystella & Jan's focus held me."
- Maria Owl, Educator, Certified Hypnotherapist

"Jan & Marystella are Messengers of the Gods."
- Zorigtbaatar, Visiting Mongolian Shaman

The Crossroads

"This land is the way the Earth once was, and is meant to be again."
- Larry Wong, Qigong Awareness Educator

"Upon entering the vortex, Shairy (Don Jose Quimbo), a visiting Shaman from Equador, fell to his knees and reverently placed his forehead on the earth."
- Sally Clapper, Educator, Translator

"I love being on this land. It both nurtures me and awakens me. Thank you for your work, and for sharing this most Sacred Earth"
- Patricia Schaeffer, Retired

Relationship Centered Skills Trainings

"The energy, wisdom and depth which Jan and Marystella bring to their work is truly inspirational. With consummate skill they move people to a place of profound transformation."
- Jackie Brookman, MFT, International Consultant

"Jan & Marystella are unique in their field...approach learning from Academic, Professional, Contemplative, Creative & Spiritual Perspectives."
- Jescie France, Hospice Bereavement Director

"The quality of the training far exceeded my expectations: easy to engage with the copious material; clear accessible techniques with beneficial practice time; interactive with all questions answered. It was an extraordinary, inspiring learning experience and I want more!"
- Sheila Reilly, MA, Benefits Counselor

"The hallmark of these workshops is wisdom and integrity. As someone who does this work too, I come here for replenishment, healing and to reconnect with my sense of purpose. Deeply moving and highly professional."
- Tony Smith, Director, Odyssey Institute, Author "Parzival's Briefcase"

"Your expertise in group facilitation and individual counseling provided valuable insight into the particular issues affecting our staff. They have benefited immeasurably from your guidance and counsel and I know that I am a better human being for our professional collaboration."
- Joseph Wilson, Program Director, McMillan Drop-In Center