There are many ways to access your healing at

The Crossroads.

Vortex Healings: Private sessions clear the mind, heal the body, excite the Soul & call Spirit into action. In person or by phone.

Personal Rituals & Rites of Passage: Celebrate the joys & heal the grief of life's transitions. Includes consult, design & facilitation.

Monthly Meditation Circles: Two rounds of meditation, personal then planetary, to activate healing energies for Self
& All Life.

Seasonal Ritual Celebrations: Solstice & Equinox journeys 4 times a year to embrace change, release what ails & harvest what serves each of us.

Quarterly Meditation Retreats: Silent, guided & channeled meditations liberate the remembering of Self Essence and Source connection.

Animal Communication: We "speak" your pet's language of energy & image to address health concerns, behavioral changes, other messages.

Energy Consults for Land, Home, Office: We clear most environmental disturbances caused by energy imbalances and misguided Spirits, and assist in energy birthings.

Lessons of Land & Spirit: Public speaking, storytelling & group trainings with a focus on the lessons of Earth, her Ancestors, Spirit Gatekeepers & Guides.

Crones in Training:  A journey home to the Feminine yin energy, a return to the heart of authenticity and balance. It's a pilgrimage to Remember the qualities and gifts that are ours to embrace and bring forth into the world. It's a pilgrimage to Release what ails us, those barriers that block our potential from being realized, and a journey to Reclaim our Selves by Receiving what truly sustains us.



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