Jan & Marystella began working as a team in 1993, guiding transformative experiences in private sessions, spiritual retreats & group rituals. For 9 years they facilitated vortex retreats in Sedona, AZ, not realizing until years later that Spirit had them "in Training." Now they live and work in the energies of 8 activated vortex sites at The Crossroads in Santa Rosa, located in northern California.

Their studies began with West African Shamans Malidoma & Sobonfu Some and continue with the Earth Energies and Spirit Ancestors, Gatekeepers & Guides at The Crossroads. Jan & Marystella, who work with clients in Santa Rosa & San Francisco, present yearly at the International Conference on the Study of Shamanism. Publications featuring their articles include Cosmic Link, Open Exchange, Women's Voices, Share Guide & The Upbeat Times.

Marystella, an international tour director for 20 years, is a gifted intuitive energy seer and healer, alchemical hypnotherapist, storyteller and animal communicator. Jan, a counselor on SFGH's first AIDS Unit Team and private practice psychotherapist of 18 years, is a knowing intuitive, Spirit channel, creative thinker, educator and healer.

"Ritual is a revolutionary tool for restoring balance, order and healing. In its absence, human beings lose their inner selves. Their perspective narrows and the purpose of living is lost in the storms of unnecessary pursuits."
- Malidoma & Sobonfu Some, Introduction, "Circle Left to Enter Rite," Jan Boddie, Ph.D.