"Suzie's" Vortex:

One of two indoor vortices, this first vortex was reopened by "Suzie," the Americanized name of a Shaman Ancestor.  It is a nurturing, contained space where most Vortex Healings and Winter Ritual Ceremonies are held.

Goddess Vortex:

Beneath the magnificent Red Cedar Tree in the front yard, the Goddess embraces every person who is open to receiving Her unconditional love.

Spiral Vortex & Portal:

Located near the center of the spacious back yard, the energy sprials down deep into Mother Earth and rises up through a Stargate into spaces beyond.

Water Vortex:

This site, which opened after we followed guideance to work with a mound that hadn't been noticed in the Redwood grove, emanates from a ley line where a stream of healing water once flowed above ground.

The One:

As with all the energies, The One is comprised of Yin and Yang, yet it manifested with a predominantly masculine energy.  This particular vortex was not unveiled, but birthed.  It had been waiting for a very long time, for the "right" time, to convey its universal message.


This site, affectionately called "The Ladies Room," is indoors.  The vortex awakened after placing life size sculptures of three sisters in the room.  The sisters' Spirits remain active in what has become a remarkable healing and meditation site.


Many people sensed the stirrings of the vortex before it fully awakened.  It's a joyful, playful site with children and animal spirits, and a site of great depth with journeys into the waters within Mother Earth.

Cauldron & Pyramid:

When the Cauldron appeared, new energies were cooking at The Crossroads.  Fire, the great transformer, cleared the way and placed the call for the Pyramid to be built.  The combined energies of Fire and Copper, Sekhmet and Sacred Geometry, stimulate journeys beyond belief.

Crystal Spire:

First seen in a vision years ago during a group Vortex Journey in Sedona, AZ, an enormous, energetic crystal spire has graced us with its presence at The Crossroads.  It is a beacon of pure love and light and an interdimensional time portal.

Details of each site, their unveilings, specific gatekeepers and teachings are shared in our Lessons of Land & Spirit series and through speaking and other teaching engagements.  Your inquiries are welcome. 707-542-4928    beyondbeliefs@vortexjourneys.com